Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Backport of 9.3 json enhancements

I've done a backport of the 9.3 JSON enhancements, as a 9.2 extension, or rather as much of them as it's reasonably possible to backport. There are some caveats to using this extension, so please read the warnings carefully before you use it.

If you use PGXN you can get it from there, or it can be got from the public git repository at bitbucket.

Thanks to David Wheeler for prodding me to finish this up.



  1. Great! Thanks for the fine job. Looking forward to test it.

  2. Really enjoying this extension!

    json_enhancements goes into "$user" schema based on my search_path.
    Other extensions I am using end up in pg_catalog such as mysql_fdw and plpgsql.

    When creating the extension I would like it to be available to all db users and not just the user that created it. As a best practice should I place it in public or pg_catalog?


    1. You can say:

      CREATE EXTENSION json_enhancements SCHEMA public;

      In general, I tend to be wary of putting extensions in pg_catalog. It's been the subject of recent discussions, and I'm not sure all the wrinkles have been worked out on it.

    2. Thank you!

      I am really enjoying the contributions surrounding json/redis/unnest_ordinality etc. There seems to be a lot of synergy among the new functionality.