Monday, May 6, 2013

Reminder: you can't set high shared buffers on 32 bit systems.

Today I got a brutal reminder that using lots of memory on 32 bit systems is dangerous. One of my clients had followed all the usual advice and set shared_buffers at about 3Gb on a 32 bit 16Gb system. They started getting out of memory errors for no apparent reason. It was quite puzzling, as their system wasn't at all stressed. Then I remembered this excellent blog post by Robert Haas, who analyzes the situation perfectly. The client lowered shared buffers to 2Gb and the problem stopped.

Bottom line: no matter how much memory you have, and no matter whether or not you have a PAE kernel, there is a hard 4Gb limit on the address space of a single process on 32 bit systems, and thus the practical limit of shared buffers on ALL 32 bit systems is around 2Gb.

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  1. That there blog post references the relevant wiki page, which contains no mention of this kind of situation, so I went ahead and updated it.