Monday, March 31, 2014

Try the personal touch, please

One of the laziest recruiter tools in use today is Linkedin contact requests. I use Linkedin as a consumer because it helps me keep in contact with various people in a way that would otherwise be difficult. But when I get contact requests from recruiters I almost always ignore them. If recruiters can't be bothered to dig out my email address and send me something personal, then I'm not interested in them. The other day was a new low. I got a completely generic contact request from a new recruiter at the most persistent recruiter of all  - Google (they usually contact me about once a year). I once admired Google a lot, but this just added to the list of reasons I don't admire them so much now - one of the other reasons is their participation in a non-compete cartel among software companies. But in any case, I refuse to engage with cookie cutter recruiters. They tend to be lazy and incompetent.

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