Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Buildfarm Client version 4.13 released

I have released version 4.13 of the PostgreSQL Buildfarm client.

This can be downloaded from

Changes in this release (from the git log):
  • fcc182b Don't run TestCollateLinuxUTF8 on unsupported branches.
  • 273af50 Don't run FileTextArrayFDW tests if not wanted.
  • 9944a4a Don't remove the ccache directory on failure, unless configured to.
  • 73e4187 Make ccache and vpath builds play nicely together.
  • 9ff8c22 Work around path idiocy in msysGit.
  • 0948ac7 revert naming change for log files
  • ca68525 Exclude ecpg/tests from find_typedefs code.

If you are using ccache, please note that there are adjustments to the recommended use pattern. The sample config file no longer suggests that the ccache directory have the branch name at the end. It is now recommended that you use a single cache for all branches for a particular member. To do this remove "/$branch" from the relevant line in your config file, if you have it, and remove those directories in the cache root. Your first run on each branch will rebuild some or all of the cache. My unifoed cache on crake is now at 615 Mb, rather than the multiples of Gb it had been previously.

It is recommended that this release be deployed by all users fairly quickly because of the fix in log file names that was discarding some that were quite important.


  1. Your link for the release of pgbuildfarm is broken.
    Otherwise, very good news :)

  2. Arghh! Fixed. Thanks for letting me know.