Thursday, October 8, 2015

Redis FDW doesn't suport Redis Cluster

Redis Cluster is a way of sharding data across a group of federated Redis nodes. I was asked recently if this is supported by the Redis Foreign Data Wrapper. Unfortunately, the answer is "No." The Redis site coyly states that "At this stage one of the problems with Redis Cluster is the lack of client libraries implementations." What they don't mention is that their own C client library, hiredis, has no support for it at all, happily reporting back redirects to the client rather than following them. It's rather as if a web client library refused to follow an HTTP redirect. The Redis FDW is based on hiredis, so as the library doesn't support Redis Cluster, neither do we. Of course, at the expense of very large amounts of code we could make the FDW handle it, but this seems quite wrong architecturally. The FDW should not have to know or care that the Redis server it's connected to is sharded.

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