Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Buildfarm server moving

Today we're moving the buildfarm server to a new machine and more modern Postgres. Here is yesterday's (corrrected) announcement:

Apologies for the late notice.

Tomorrow, January 19th, at 4.00 pm US East Coast time (UT - 5.0) we will be moving the buildfarm server from its current home at CommandPrompt, where we have been ever since we started, to a machine that is part of the standard core infrastructure. In doing so we will be moving to a) a more modern and supported PostgreSQL version, and b) a machine with more disk space so that our current severe pace shortage will be alleviated. In addition, the community would be much better placed to maintain the buildfarm if either JD or I were to fall under a bus.

The outage is expected to last about 4 hours or less, and we will sent out notifications when this is complete.

Buildfarm owners who want to avoid getting reporting failures should disable their animals during that time. We don't have an avalanche of commits right now either, but it might also be nice if committers were to refrain from adding changes in the hours leading up to this and until we announce that we're back online, for the benefit of those owners who don't see this message in time.

Thanks in advance for your help and understanding.

And many thanks to CommandPrompt for their constant support over the many years we've been in operation.

In a few hours I will start disabling my 12 buildfarm members.

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