Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Oh for decent recruiters in our industry.

The cluelessness of most IT recruiters never ceases to astound me. I received this today:
My name is (deleted) and I'm an IT recruiter at (deleted). Our records show that you are an experienced IT professional with experience relevant to one of my current contract openings.(deleted)
The job is located in (deleted) with one of our Fortune direct client. They are looking for a GUI Developer
 Not only am I not qualified for this job, but I have proclaimed loudly my intention never again to do GUI work,


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  1. Understand the relative cost to the recruiter to send 200,000 text messages versus either implementing a decent resumé search or actually finding the matches himself. It's just not economically viable.

    Plus most recruiters' CV databases are out of date within 6 months, because people get new skills.

    Fact of life, I'm afraid. The only way this will ever stop is if companies realise that recruiters do very little work for a huge chunk of money and if the development managers shout down the HR-droids who insist that the recruiters are useful and insist on being involved in the recruitment process at a decent level. And most development managers can't be bothered.