Sunday, December 30, 2012

Json API work

Following a couple of requests, I've pushed a copy of my Json API development repo to Bitbucket. To play with it, pull the "jsonapi" branch. It has a number of interesting new goodies, including json_each() and just yesterday I added json_get_path() which takes a variadic sequence of path values to descend the json tree (no reparsing required). Today I'm working on populate_record(), very thankful that I can re-use a lot of hstore's code for this. After that, json_unnest() to pull apart json arrays will just about complete the major work, and I can start filling in gaps, cleaning code, making more comprehensive tests, and so on.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

pg_stat_statements - a couple more stats would be nice

I just started looking at a production system with the pg_stat_statements module loaded. We started doing this after Peter Geoghegan's fantastic work on normalizing the statements made it much more useful to us, which was one motivating factor in migrating to PostgreSQL 9.2.

I was immediately struck with a wish for more stats. Specifically, I'd like stats on the spread of times for the calls - the minimum, maximum and standard deviation of the calls would be great things to have. Then we could separate queries that just generally run slowly from queries that mostly work well but have occasional spectacularly bad running times.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My New Postgres Blog Home

I've finally decided to give up on blogging with Serendipity. It's just too flaky.
I still have to put code-like stuff in HTML tags though.
There are already some nicer features I see about blogger, though.

It's a real pity that there isn't a better blogging package that's Postgres-backed. The disdain that the Wordpress people have for anything but MySQL is depressing. I did try to use it once with the Postgres wrapper hack, but it quickly turned into a disaster.

For those interested, there's a link to the old blog on the right hand side of the page.