Friday, August 4, 2023

Announcing Release 17 of the PostgreSQL Buildfarm client

I have pushed Release 17 of the PostgreSQL Buildfarm client.

Release 17 has two main features:

  • Modernize the way we do cross-version upgrade tests. Most of the logic for modifying instances to make them suitable for cross version upgrade testing has now been migrated to the Postgres core code in src/test/perl/PostgreSQL/Test/ The new code simply imports this module and leverages its knowledge.
  • Support of building with meson. This is only supported on version 16 or later of Postgres; older branches will continue to use the older toolsets. To enable building with meson there are several new settings, illustrated in the sample configuration file:
    • using_meson this must be set to a true value
    • meson_jobs this controls the degree of parallelism that meson will use
    • meson_test_timeout this is used to multiply the meson test timeout. The default is 3, 0 turns off timeout
    • meson_config This is an array of settings for passing to meson setup. Note that all options need to be explicitly given here - the client disables all auto options. This includes use of zlib and readline, which do not default to on, unlike autoconf setups.

There are also a number of relatively small bug fixes and tweaks (e.g. some improvements in processing typedefs).

The release is available at or



Friday, January 13, 2023

Announcing Release 16 of the PostgreSQL Buildfarm client


Hot on the heels of Release 15 comes Release 16.

This release deals with some issues that have been discovered with the check for update feature of Release 15 and the force_every and trigger_exclude features, so that it now works correctly with those features.

It also features these items:

  • a new --check-for-work mode of
    This mode doesn't do any work but exits with a zero status if there is work to do and 1 if there is not. It is intended for use as an
    ExecCondition in systemd units
  • up to date filtering now works with an explicit list of branches, as well as with key words like ALL
  • reduce the verbosity of Another process holds the lock messages.
    These are now only emitted if the verbose setting is greater than 1
  • update_personality now has options to change the owner name and owner email
    This was in Release 15 but was accidentally omitted from the release notes. Up to now the only way to change these was by action from
    the administrators.
  • improve collection of logs in cross version upgrade testing

 The release can be downloaded from or