Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Looking forward to Triangle PUG kickoff

The Triangle PUG has got 31 members since starting less than a month ago, and 20 have said they will attend the kickoff meeting tomorrow (Wednesday) evening. I'm quite excited!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Triangle PUG kickoff meeting, 7.00 pm Oct 23rd

After a little time spent trying to get a good venue, I've scheduled the kickoff meeting for the Triangle PUG for Oct 23rd at 7.00 pm. Robert Treat will be in town and attending, and I'm going to reprise my PostgresOpen talk on PostgreSQL 9.3 and JSON. Details are at meetup.com.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

NC Triangle PUG moving along

We're up to about 19 members with very little effort, so I think this will be viable. We have a group on meetup, and I hope to be able the schedule the first meeting, which will be a week or two from now, very soon.

Extra functions needed

I'm trying to collect a list of things that people need for handling JSON, particularly in generating JSON.

For example, Josh gave me this little problem yesterday:

serial | name | type 
847001 | t15 | GE1043 
847002 | t16 | GE1043 
847003 | sub-alpha | GESS90 

I want to produce: 
  { "turbines" : 
       847001 : { "name" : "t15", "type" : "GE1043" }, 
       847002 : { "name" : "t16", "type" : "GE1043" }, 
       847003 : { "name" : "sub-alpha", "type" : "GESS90" } 

I think this is going to call for a small addition to the json_build package, a json object aggregator. With that we'd be able to do this with:

select json_build_object("turbines",
        json_object_agg(serial, json_build_object("name",name,"type",type)))
from mytable;

Probably we'd want a similar aggregator for arrays. This would be different from the builtin json_agg function which takes a record as its argument and always produces an array of hashes.